About Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca literaly means "White Beach", and is the southernmost town of the island of Lanzarote. Part of the municipality of Yaiza, it is the newest and fastest growing resort on the Island.

Recent additions to the town have included the "Estacion de Guaguas" (Bus station) which also houses a police station. Playa Blanca was the first municipality on the Island to have its own dedicated bus service, as opposed to buses passing through. Price are around €1.50 per journey and travels a circular route from Faro Park to Las Coloradas and is half hourly.

Playa Blanca Beaches

The coastline around Playa Blanca forms a very large bay broken up into three smaller but still subtantial bays. This geography means that the beaches are sheltered with calm water, excellent for sunbathing and swimming.

Playa Dorada Beach - Playa Dorada is literally translated as The Golden Beach and this is certainly an accurate description with its warm honey coloured sand. The sea around Playa Dorada is generally very calm and it is a popular spot with residents for a morning swim, it is well served by shops and cafes.

Playa Flamingo Beach - A few minutes walk to the west of the town along the sea-front walkway, is the Playa Flamingo beach which is also very clean, safe and attractive. Although it is outside of the town centre, there are still a number of shops and restaurants to stock up during the day.

Papagayo Beaches - In reality this is a collection of smaller beaches that are separated by high cliffs, forming a number of sheltered bays.

This area has been protected and is now a national park which can only be accessed by a rather bumpy dirt road. There is a small charge to use the road, but this is certainly well worth the cost.

You can also reach Papagayo by Water Taxi from the Harbour in Playa Blanca.

Although access to the beaches at Papagayo is relatively easy, it is quite a distance from any of the main residential or tourist developments. There are very few services at the beach, so if you plan on spending the day there, you need to go prepared.

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